Trustlook is one of the best Anti-Virus engines provider

A Silicon Valley researcher recently released a report about the Malware scanning capabilities of global cybersecurity providers. Trustlook, one of the providers included in this report, is specifically identified as one of the top tier performers.

The researcher actively conducted a 14-day comparison of available cybersecurity providers on the market in preparation of selecting a new vendor for his firm. The following is a detailing of the survey methodology:

First, the researcher built a testing dataset, mostly sourced from the VirusTotal (VT) database. “Our company has some benign APK samples, but no malicious samples”, the researcher said,” we also select some malicious APK samples and benign APK samples using a very conservative labeling policy from VT’s live feed samples.”

VT is well-known in the cybersecurity industry, which was founded in 2004 and then was acquired by Google in 2012. The website is hosting many antivirus scanners from global cybersecurity company. Users can upload different types of files to VT and it will return scan results from all of the hosted vendors. All of the scan reports are shared with the public VT community, what important is these test results may be verified by querying the testing samples on VT. In addition, VT provides an API to get a live feed with the latest samples submitted to VT, which is the data source of this research. That’s how the researcher getting his researching data and subjects.

Then, the researcher fed the dataset to malware scanners from 66 vendors hosted on VT  for a period of 14 days: from 11/01 to 11/14.

In the final accounting, Trustlook ranked second among the vendors, which are shown in the following table.

The primary metric used to compare malware detection capabilities is the True Positive Rate (TPR). This represents the rate which the scanner successfully detected known malware samples among the provided dataset. Trustlook’s scanner finished at number two with an admirable TPR of 98.33%.

“In the table, we sorted the vendors according to their TPR which represents their malware detection capabilities. In total, four vendors have achieved more than 95% detection rate which are ESET-NOD32 from Slovakia, Trustlook from United States, AhnLab-V3 from Korea, and K7GW from India. Among them, Trustlook has the lowest FPR of 0.12%. Among the eight vendors with over 90% TPR, Fortinet has the lowest FPR which is close to 0,” the report said.

Significantly, Trustlook’s performance also surpasses globally renowned vendors such as Avast, BitDefender, McAfee, and Symantec.

As a cybersecurity startup Trustlook has always focused heavily on cutting-edge technology development, and we are excited to see our capabilities confirmed by third-party research. Our promise is that we will continue to build powerful and reliable products for individual and corporate consumers in the future.

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