Trustlook security demo wows audience at Qualcomm launch event

Qualcomm officials demonstrated first-of-its-kind anti-fraud technology during the Snapdragon™ 845 launch event last week in Hawaii. The new technology, developed with Trustlook, is an integrated hardware and software solution that works with the chipset for encrypting and signing device data.

Trustlook’s software, called SECUREai MP Token, works in concert with the Qualcomm HavenTM Security Platform, giving it unprecedented, built-in security features using hardware tokens. This level of security is made possible by designing the security into the chip, and cannot be matched by software-based solutions.

The joint security solution was demoed to hundreds of journalists and industry executives. It showed how the Secure Processing Unit, a part of the new security architecture of the Snapdragon 845 chipset, could be used to defeat a location spoofing hack. According to sources from Qualcomm, the demo worked flawlessly. An article from SlashGear provides more details from the launch event, including the two pictures below of the location-spoofing attempt.




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