Trustlook Selected as 10 Best Security Service Providers of 2017

Trustlook has been selected by Industry Era magazine as one of the 10 Best Security Service Providers of 2017. This prestigious list honors the most promising technology ventures from across the security landscape. This year’s list includes companies in cloud, network, and IoT security.

“Trustlook is very proud to receive this recognition,” says Allan Zhang, CEO and co-founder of Trustlook. “This is testament to all the hard work we’ve put into our security products over the past year.”

Trustlook focuses extensively on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the foundation for all their security products, whether their mobile product or IoT product, to process the data they receive to rapidly improve performance. In addition, they rely on their product breadth as another way to stand out. They have products for consumers, app developers, OEMs, systems integrators, and large enterprises. They protect mobile phones, network appliances, and IoT devices. Pretty much anyone looking to build security into an app or computing device can benefit from their technology.

To read the article, please go here. To learn more about Trustlook or to schedule a demo, please visit


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