Last Day to See Ransomware Demo at Black Hat

Today, July 27th, is the last day to see Trustlook’s innovative ransomware detection demo at Black Hat in Las Vegas. Get to booth IC51 before the show floor closes.


Trustlook’s ransomware detection rates are consistently over 99%, with extremely low false positives. The company’s proprietary AI engine learns and adapts in order to block new ransomware threats before files and data are encrypted. It processes dozens of files per second, without weighing down the network.

Trustlook’s ransomware detection is built into its SECUREai Core platform. SECUREai Core provides an additional layer of protection for network appliance makers and cloud service providers. Using industry-leading, artificial-intelligence powered scanning of traffic, files, and applications, Trustlook SECUREai Core protects against viruses, trojans, and spyware, in addition to ransomware. Threats are blocked in real-time, eliminating the cost and disruption associated with tackling threats after they’ve already penetrated the network.

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