Google Offers $200,000 to Find Android Vulnerabilities

Show me the money might become the new moniker in the hacking world. And with good reason. Google has announced it is going to offer up to $200,000 in prize money to the first team that can find a bug chain that can give remote access to multiple Android devices by just knowing their email address or phone numbers.

Announced by Google’s Project Zero research team, the contest began on 9/14/2016 and is scheduled to run through next March 14. Researchers are invited to find critical bugs in Android, specifically on Nexus 6P and Nexus 5x devices running builds that are current for the specific device.

This offer is largely in response to the widespread Android vulnerability discovered in August 2016 named Quadrooter that affected 900 million devices.

Google is banking on the prize amount being a motivator for hackers to find flaws in the ecosystem. The first prize in the competition is $200,000; the second prize is $100,000 and the third prize is $50,000. There will be additional awards for winning entries that are able to find flaws in the Google’s operating system.

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