Trustlook App Detects Qualcomm QuadRooter Vulnerability

Trustlook released a free Qualcomm QuadRooter Scanner application (available on Google Play) that enables Android phone owners to check if they are exposed to QuadRooter, the widespread vulnerability affecting millions of Android devices. If their device is exposed, the user may be able to download a software update from the device manufacturer that contains a security patch.

First detailed by security researchers at Check Point at DEFCON 24 in August 2016, QuadRooter is a set of four vulnerabilities affecting Android devices built using Qualcomm chipsets. In total, Check Point estimates that 900 million Android smartphones and tablets could be affected.

If any one of the four vulnerabilities is exploited, third party apps could gain special system privileges, or access to a user’s SMS database or phone history, without a user’s knowledge. Access could also provide an attacker with capabilities such as keylogging, GPS tracking, and recording video and audio.

Trustlook is working on providing detection against any additional Qualcomm vulnerabilities that may occur. Any user with a Qualcomm powered mobile device or tablet is encouraged to continually monitor their device.

Download the free QuadRooter Scanner app here.

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