Meet The Interns: Mike

Here at Trustlook, our team is small and close. We love working together and even more, we love to have fun together. Every Friday on the Trustlook blog, we will have features on our passionate team members. Our special summer edition will feature our newest interns! Each intern brings something special to the table and enhances the Trustlook experience.

Mike, Engineering Intern

What interested you in mobile security?

Security is awesome because while it might not be a hot button topic, it’s vital for almost all companies and consumers. Big or small, security will always be a pillar in the internet community.  Many consumers unknowingly download viruses or malware and are forced to wipe their devices. This rings especially true for the Android community because the structure of the platform lends itself well to a variety of apps and customization, but in turn has different issues in security.

What is your summer project about for the Trustlook Team?

I am developing a monitor for the team that uses a MySQL database. The monitor keeps track of running EC2 instances and compares their names to a list of all names that should be running. Running instances are a bulk of cost for many security companies and many times, a person can open an instance and simply forget to close it, causing for extra unneeded cost. It will run every two hours and send an email to our backend team about progress. The server also has other neat features like showing what names are not running, what instance names are not recorded, how long every instance has been running etc, thus allowing the backend team to better manage what they opened and what they need to close.

This will help keep the Trustlook database clear and running efficiently.

Biggest threats to consumers?

Leaked personal information is becoming a larger issue. Popular apps, such as Pokemon Go, request access and permission to one’s Google account or location. Most consumers just get excited to play a new app or toy with a new feature and rush to allow the apps full permission onto their device.

What is one thing that is unknown to the general public about security?

The power struggle between security and hackers.  Staying constant with security measures and having hackers outside your front door makes for an intense dynamic. It’s a game of cat and mouse, honestly.

Do you know anyone that has had their data or identity stolen?

Yes, quite a few people actually. The biggest risks are truly not knowing whether you’ve been a victim or not. By regularly cleaning your phone and being on alert, you can prevent so many data breaches and preserve your privacy.

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