Top 10 Most Widespread Mobile App Viruses (6/26/2016 – 7/2/2016)

The following table contains the top 10 most widespread mobile app viruses discovered by Trustlook Mobile Security for the week of June
26, 2016 thru July 2, 2016.

Virus Name # of Mobile Apps Containing the Virus
Android.Trojan.Sendbox 172,778
Android.Trojan.Obad 46150
Android.Malware.Downloader 4909
Android.Trojan.Triada 4899
Android.Malware.Fakegupdt 4567
Android.Trojan.Ztorg 4219
Android.Trojan.Hideicon 4090
Android.Trojan.Regdev 3528
Android.Trojan.Downloader 2901
Android.Trojan.Kemoge 2584

Make sure you are always protected from mobile malware and viruses by downloading the Trustlook Mobile Security app.

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