New Trustlook Insights Report From Trustlook Research

Trustlook has recently conducted a survey report among 500 Android users about different insights for the security industry. “The survey, conducted by Trustlook Research, produced some rather interesting findings about smartphone user behavior,” said Joe Sullivan, head of marketing at Trustlook. “We were surprised to see so many users entering sensitive information into their devices, which could give hackers potential access to social security numbers, bank account information and other personal data.”


The Trustlook Insights survey was designed to learn more about mobile device users and to uncover industry trends. Findings include:

  1. Users are more willing than ever to input sensitive information, including their social security number on a mobile device.
  2. Although over two-thirds report using mobile devices for banking, fewer than a quarter use them for managing investments.
  3. BYOD continues to gain momentum in organizations, with eight out of ten respondents using their mobile devices for work.
  4. Eighty-five percent of respondents have more than ten apps on their mobile device, potentially increasing the attack surface.

For the full report, please visit:

Infographic for this report:

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