Even Superman Couldn’t Save This Actress from Identity Theft

   Even the rich and famous aren’t immune to identity theft. The U.S federal government has been cracking down on crime rings of hackers. Many of these crime rings are based in Georgia and Virginia, where there are sophisticated operations involving criminals stealing innocent victims’ identities. Using these stolen identities, the crime rings then create large shell companies. These shell companies are used as entities to funnel and launder money, sometimes out of a country right into a jailbird’s bank account.

   Structured under the umbrella “The Deutche Group”, onering allegedly involved co-conspirers from all over the globe. With home bases in Thailand, Great Britain, and India, the search for victims is extensive. The crime rings will do anything it takes in order to obtain the information they need, even creating entire fake online companies that promote airfare deals or hotel discounts. Victims of these scams are left nearly helpless, often stranded in airports and foreign countries with their credit card information stolen. The nature of fraud can be so sudden, with victims at the airport ready to go, only to learn that their tickets are fake and their credit cards already maxed out. The crime rings will create fake passports and other fake documentation using these identities.

One crime ring even targeted a popular television actress, Laura Vandervoort. The criminals used a television screenshot of the actress while on the popular T.V. show “V” as a passport photo to verify their identification for visa purposes. An FBI agent who was a fan of the show “Smallville” immediately recognized the actress and the FBI was able to pinpoint a timeframe for the creation of all the fake documents.

This illicit crime group has graduated beyond identity theft for fake documents. There have been entire banks created in India so that the hackers are able to fund their own deceitful dealings. One of the co-conspirators attempted to launder his illegal money by buying jewels with stolen credit cards. Another opened an IT learning center that supported IT training and also served as a front for his illicit activities. A former employee of American Express has even moved to India in order to escape prosecution.

   To check if you have been a victim of identity theft or fraudulent crime, use the Trustlook app today. With the ID Check feature, Trustlook can give you real-time identity tracking and alert you if anyone attempts to hack into your payment apps or banking information. Use Trustlook today for a safer tomorrow.    

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