21 Percent of Trustlook Users Are Victims of Identity Theft

Identity Theft continues to be a hot topic on consumers’ minds, according to a recent study from Trustlook Mobile Security, an innovator in next-generation mobile security solutions. The study, based on 438 responses to a survey sent to Trustlook’s user base in March 2016, revealed that a whopping 21 percent of the company’s user base has been victimized by identity theft.

Trustlook’s free identity check feature, named ID Check, was built in response to the increasing number of data breaches across the corporate world. These data breaches typically lead to full-fledged identity theft. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, over 900 individual data breaches by US companies and government agencies have occurred since January 2005, which together have involved over 200 million total records containing sensitive personal information.

With ID Check, Trustlook users know whether they have been a victim of any past data breaches, and are alerted if they are involved in future breaches. The feature is easily accessible from within the Trustlook Mobile Security application. Once one runs the ID Check feature, our secure servers constantly monitor the data breaches happening here at home and all over the globe to keep any vulnerabilities at bay. By referencing both international and local threats, Trustlook offers industry leading coverage with detection in mere minutes.

Trustlook’s ID Check feature comes at a perfect time and fills a growing need in the market. According to its study, 73 percent of users have never used a tool to monitor their identity, and 49 percent are not even aware that such identity-monitoring tools exist. With more retail and consumer-based companies becoming victims of hackers and phishing software, using Trustlook’s app as the frontrunner in mobile security could save a lot of heartache and headaches.

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Trustlook Launches SkyEye Malware Lookup Portal

Are you looking for information on the latest malicious mobile apps? If so, you are now in luck. Trustlook Mobile Security has just released a new tool that contains information on millions of apps. The tool provides an app summary, as well as a summary of the app’s behavior, from critical to normal. You also have the option to see a Full Report on each mobile app. Check out the SkeEye tool here.

Trustlook Antivirus & Mobile Security Android Video

Here is the newest video from the Trustlook Team. Featuring all of our advanced security properties and protecting your device from malware, cyber attacks, phishing, viruses, ID theft, and hacking. Trustlook is the security app made for the modern day world.

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Trustlook Protects 400M AirDroid and Solo Launcher Users

Trustlook has announced partnerships with leading mobile apps AirDroid and Solo Launcher. The Trustlook Mobile Security engine will be embedded within both apps, giving users the opportunity to benefit from Trustlook’s easy-to-use protection from malware and privacy threats.

AirDroid is one of the top apps in the Tools category. The app enables users to access and manage their Android phone or tablet from a computer or on the Web, wirelessly and for free. It lets users transfer files, sideload apps, and even send text messages without picking up their phone.

Solo Launcher is one of the top apps in the Personalization category. The app enables users to customize the interface on a device. It can also improve device performance by restoring memory, boosting speed and clearing storage. Its in-app-search and recommendation features are well recognized by users.

The demand for mobile threat protection has never been stronger. In the third quarter alone, 574,706 different malware strains were found, which is a 50 percent increase compared to the same period last year, according to global security firm G Data. The numbers are expected to grow significantly in 2016.

The partnerships with these lading apps emphasize Trustlook’s intention of making its award-winning security solutions available to Enterprises. Trustlook will announce OEM offerings and additional partnerships with top applications throughout 2016.

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