Trustlook Integrates Adware Detection Feature

Just like malware, adware is becoming a significant problem for mobile users. Have you ever wondered how that mysterious icon ended up on your Android phone’s start screen? Or what about the annoying ads clogging your notification bar? You aren’t alone. Thousands of Android apps now include software that shoves marketing icons onto your phone’s start screen or pushes advertising into your notification bar–and many of the apps give you no warning about the ad invasion.

Android remains an adware magnet with tens of thousands of apps that collect information without the user’s knowledge. Such adware aggressively collects personal information from the mobile device it’s installed on, including things such as name, birth date, location, serial number, contacts, and browser bookmarks. Like malware, this data is often collected without users’ consent.

But fear not! Trustlook has just released an Adware detection feature in version 3.1.8. If Trustlook detects adware within any of your apps, you will be notified and will be able to uninstall the app if you choose.

Download the Trustlook Mobile Security app.

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