Youngest Yet The Best, Trustlook Ranked No.1 Security Solution In AV-TEST Benchmark Testing

Achieving 100% Malware Detection Rate With Zero False Alert And Full Application Usability & Protection Score Of 6.0/6.0

Trustlook ranked No.1 mobile security application in AV-TEST Benchmark testing. With 100% detection rate of a representative set of malicious apps (2186 malware samples used), zero false alert for Legitimate applications from Google Play Store (1946 samples used) and other App Stores (970 samples used), and full performance score of 6.0, Trustlook Mobile Security ( ranks No.1 among other 32 Andoid mobile security products.


The growing popularity of smart devices bring not only convenience to people’s lives, but also the security risks that come with it. AV-Test’s benchmark testing have raised more awareness of the fact that mobile security applications has become essential to smartphone users. AV-Test’s scoring metric in fields from comprehensiveness of protection and other key features makes it one of the most authoritative standard with which to assess mobile security solutions for individual and enterprise users.

On the one hand, Trustlook’s outstanding performance is due to the relentless pursuit of technology, on the other hand benefited from the continued improvement for user experience, which are both reflected in the AV-Test tests. Besides comprehensive protection integrated with wide range of features including antivirus, data security, anti theft and web security, Trustlook’s quick response to recent severe vulnerabilities also gave users up-to-date solutions to mitigate everyday security risks.

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