Trustlook in HeartBleeding

We know the Heartbleeding is going on crazy. As some of the mobile devices is also impacted.  In order to easy your scan and testing work. Here Trusltook Research team has released a tiny swiss army toolkit, Heartbleed Pulse in Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

The application is super easy to use, It contains three sections.

At the first section, it will show your device information which includes the OpenSSL library is vulnerable or not and has the heartbeat feature is enable or not.




The second section contains the app scan feature. After simple click , the app scan result will be display at all



Third section listed some patched and unpatched website.If you want to test again your website, just fill your domain name in the text box and then click “check” button and  The result will come back in seconds.




Trustlook Antivirus
Trustlook Antivirus

If you want to get more protection, you can always download and install Trustlook Antivirus to get you more protection.



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