Who is stealing your phone number?

Phone number is your important privacy. Any apps should not send it outside without your approval. Every week we find hundreds of apps that have stealing behavior. Here are some of them that we found last week. All of them has been identified as “high risk” on Trustlook Antivirus.

Business Insider
100,000 – 500,000 Installs

Report   Trustlook12 Report   Trustlook13

Block Calls & Caller ID
1-5 million installs

Report   Trustlook6

Report   Trustlook7

Tone Room Deluxe
1-5 million installs

Report   Trustlook4

Report   Trustlook5

Total Equipment Protection App
1-5 million installs

Report   Trustlook2

Report   Trustlook3

Antivirus & Security
100,000 – 500,000

Report   Trustlook10

Report   Trustlook11

Zlango Messaging

Report   Trustlook

Report   Trustlook1

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